Ocala – The Wide Horse Dressage Saddle

$ 3,499.00



EsOcalaThe Ocala Wide Horse Saddle was designed for horses with very wide spinous processes and thick trapezius muscles.

It was designed by Dr Gerry Van Oossen the top back and nerve rehabilitation specialist from Holland’s Utretch University after she noticed many horses arriving with atrophy and back pain.

The Ocala is well suited to the flat backed horse. Often saddles designed for these horses slip and are uncomfortably wide. The Ocala offers the rider a comfortable, balanced and deep dressage seat, international quality wool flocking, an ergonomic tree design and a superior leather finish.

Available in medium, medium wide, wide and extra wide or customized to your horse ($35). Colour available as shown below. We also offer any colour welting and patent leather.

If you would like to try one for your horse please contact us.