Do you notice any of the following;

– your horse moves, gets cranky or puts their ear back when you are doing up the girth?
– your horse is easier one way than the other
– you seem to have to work hard to keep your legs back or your coach/instructor has to remind you to do so
– in pictures, there is not room to have one hands width behind the back of your seat
– your leg swings in riding trot and/or canter
– your saddle slips off to one side
– your horse finds canter departs harder on one side
– your horse finds lateral work harder on one side
– your saddle feels like it is tipping forward
– your saddle feels like it is tipping back
– your horses movement is lacking spring
– your horse finds in hard to stay on the bit or into an even contact
– your horse is displaying behavioural issues under saddle – bucking, pig rooting, napping, rearing
– your horse has had an injury or lameness
– your horse has recently changed disciplines or is returning to work after time off
– your current saddle no longer seems to fit or is uncomfortable?

If so, we can help.

We recommend and are registered Master Saddle Fitting Consultants for The Perth Saddle Centre.

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